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Cathexis Psychedelics
Treatment Costs

We realize our treatment program is an investment in your well-being, and have listed our package and individual service fees below to help you better understand the costs. Because it is unlikely that one or two ketamine treatments alone will provide lasting benefits, we strongly recommend that clients complete a minimum of 3 initial treatments and take part in psychotherapy integration in between each session, either with our therapists or their own.

To help accommodate a variety of budgets, we offer 3 and 6 session treatment package options, or clients can purchase treatments as their finances allow.  Also, our 3 and 6 session packages are priced with and without integration sessions for those who wish to use their own trusted therapist for the psychotherapy work.


We're sorry but Cathexis Psychedelics does not participate with insurance plans and cannot assist in out-of-network claim processing. A Superbill can be provided upon request, but it is unlikely that ketamine treatments will be reimbursed.


​Please note: Our treatment program is designed to work with psychotherapy integration. If you are seeking a ketamine treatment program that does not involve psychotherapy, an IV infusion clinic may be better suited to your needs. 

Our professional fees can be found in the PDF link below:

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