Cathexis Psychedelics
Treatment Costs

Evaluation Fees:

Self Evaluation Tool - Free

Please review our Self Evaluation Tool as the first step in considering whether Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy is right for you. 

Psychotherapy Intake (30-Min) - $55.00*

Via telehealth, a therapist will conduct an evaluation to screen for mental health contraindications, provide an overview of the ketamine treatment, explain the importance of set and setting, and provide pre-treatment preparation instructions. This intake must be completed for ketamine services.

Medical Evaluation - $250.00*

This medical evaluation will screen for contraindications and other factors which may affect your ketamine treatment. This evaluation typically takes place 20-30 minutes prior to your first ketamine treatment.

*Important Note: Evaluation Fees are non-refundable should it be determined that ketamine treatment is contraindicated, or you decide not to move forward with services. 

Treatment Fees:

Ketamine Treatment Session Intramuscular - $425.00

Includes clinical and medical staff support during the ketamine treatment, pre-treatment preparation work with your therapist, and an immediate post-treatment integration session. 

Oral Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session - $425.00

Includes psychotherapy in conjunction with low-dose oral ketamine and medical staff support.

Psychotherapy Integration Session - $135.00/Hour

Per 1-hour session with therapist; in-office or telehealth. Clients are strongly encouraged to attend at least one integration session after each ketamine treatment whether with one of our therapists or their own counselor.

We're sorry but Cathexis Psychedelics does not participate with insurance plans and cannot assist in out-of-network claim processing. A Superbill can be provided upon request, but it is unlikely that ketamine treatments will be reimbursed.