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Common Questions

What is the cost of KAP treatment?

Please see the Professional Fees page for the current fee schedule. Because ketamine treatments require a great deal of coordination and staffing to safely administer, we require payment in full at the time of each service.

Why are KAP treatments so expensive?

Although the ketamine medication itself is inexpensive, the costs related to offering KAP services include the medical, clinical and administrative staff needed to safely administer ketamine treatments in a way that promotes best outcomes. Ketamine is still listed as a Schedule III drug, which requires providers to maintain a DEA license and incur increased liability insurance expenses.

That being said, we are working to create a more affordable group treatment option, and hope to begin such offerings in 2023.

How do I become a client?

To help ensure that KAP treatments are safe and appropriate for your therapeutic goals, we have a 3 step evaluation process which must take place prior to the initiation of services. We first ask clients to start by reviewing our Self-Evaluation Tool. This tool lists the conditions which are or may be  contraindicated for ketamine treatment. If a client feels they can move forward with the evaluation process, the New Client Packet will be provided. This packet includes the New Client Questionnaire, Consent Agreement/Privacy Statement, 48 Hour Cancellation Policy/Credit Card Authorization, and  Release of Information forms. The New Client Packet must be completed and returned before the second phase of the evaluation process can begin.


The second phase of the evaluation process includes a one hour Psychotherapy Intake Session conducted with your assigned therapist. This session is designed to help ensure there are no mental health contraindications, and also to provide the client with more detailed information about our ketamine treatment program.


After the Psychotherapy Intake Session is completed, the Medical Evaluation and 1st ketamine treatment will be scheduled. In most cases, the Medical Evaluation will take place immediately before the ketamine treatment, assuming no physical health contraindications are present.

In many cases, and assuming the absence of contraindications, it is not unusual for a client to have their first ketamine session within 10 days of returning their completed New Client Packet.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our medical and clinical staff are only on site for scheduled services, and it is often impossible to coordinate a new appointment in less than 48 hours should an existing appointment be cancelled. Therefore, we implement a 48-Hour Late Cancellation policy which states that if an appointment is cancelled by a client with less than 48-hours’ notice, the client will be charged the full session fee, including evaluation fees. This policy also applies to services included in the 3 and 6 session package options.

This policy is not intended as a punishment of any kind, but rather a means to encourage clients to maintain focus on their ketamine treatments. This policy also allows Cathexis Psychedelics to honor the professionalism of our medical and clinical team by ensuring they are compensated for the time they set aside in dedication to their clients.

Do you take insurance?

Cathexis does not participate with insurance programs, and cannot assist in the processing of out of network claims. Upon request, we will be happy to provide a Superbill of services so that you may pursue reimbursements from your insurance company.

Can my treatment include just the ketamine medication and not involve psychotherapy integration?

We understand that there are valid reasons why someone would not be interested in psychotherapy integration support and in such cases we can offer recommendations to one of several exceptional IV treatment centers in Tucson. 

How long does each therapy session take?

The time required depends on which service being provided:

  • Initial intake session with a licensed psychotherapist prior to scheduling intramuscular or oral KAP treatment: 60 minutes

  • Initial intake session with a medical provider occurs on the same day as your first intramuscular or oral KAP treatment: 30 minutes

  • Intramuscular or oral KAP and booster sessions: 120 to 150 minutes (includes clinical and medical staff support during the ketamine treatment, pre-treatment preparation work with your therapist, and an immediate post-treatment integration session) 

  • Individual integration sessions with a licensed psychotherapist between intramuscular or oral KAP sessions: 60 minute.

What can I expect from an "altered state of consiousness"?

This truly varies from person to person and often session to session. Some clients will immediately experience a psychedelic altered state to include vivid colors and imagery, "encounters" with animals and people, and other dream-like representations. Other clients may simply experience a truly peaceful state of mind with heightened emotions (love, appreciation, compassion), while there are those who perceive very little indications of an altered state from the treatment. 

Many clients percieve a mild or no psychedelic effect for the first couple sessions. Should this be the case for you, please remember that the ketamine medication may still be working "behind the scenes". We encourage clients to not get discouraged should they not experience a "psychedelic" altered-state. Sometimes the ketamine experience is simply more subtle for an individual, but they may still receive therapeutic benefits from the treatment.

Can I drive after ketamine treatments?

For the safety of our clients and others, we absolutely cannot allow clients to drive themselves home after ketamine treatments. If it is determined that a client does not have reliable transportation after a session, the appointment will be cancelled and the client will be charged the full session fee. 

Further, at the time of each session, clients will be asked to sign an attestation that they will not drive or operate heavy machinery the remainder of the day after a ketamine session.

That being said, many clients have successfully utilized ride sharing and other paid transportation after treatment. Cathexis staff will not be able to provide or assist in arranging transportation after services; therefore, clients must have their transportation arranged prior to the appointment.

Am I required to use a Cathexis Psychedelics therapist for my psychotherapy integration?

To promote best outcomes for ketamine treatments, we strongly encourage clients to take part in psychotherapy integration between treatments; however, we do not require the  integration sessions to be with one of our therapists. If you have a trusted therapist you would like to work with for integration, we encourage you to do so.

Can my own therapist be present during ketamine treatments?

We welcome outside therapists to be present in the room during ketamine treatments if that is the client's preference. However, a Cathexis Psychedelics Integration Therapist will continue to oversee and guide the treatment. 

We are sorry, but we cannot reduce the cost of treatment should you decide to have your own therapist present for treatment. 

Do you offer in-home ketamine treatments?

At Cathexis Psychedelics, our ketamine treatments are administered on-site only by licensed medical professionals. We do not provide in-home treatments and do not take walk-ins.

Do you offer IV treatments?

At this time, we only offer IM and Oral ketamine treatments.

Why don't most KAP providers contract with insurers?

IV, IM and Oral ketamine use is considered "off-label" for the treatment of mental health conditions. Therefore, insurance plans currently do not recognize KAP as a reimbursable service. We hope this changes in the future, but for now billing insurance plans for KAP treatment is simply not an option.

Can your services be provided to minors?

Currently, Cathexis Psychedelics is only licensed to provide services to adults. We continue to follow the research, and may open services up to adolescents in the future; however, for now we can only accept clients 18 years and older.

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